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Wonston Parish Council

Neighbourhood Watch

There are two Neighbourhood Watch Schemes in the Wonston Parish, one covering Sutton Scotney, the other Wonston.  The Schemes were introduced to heighten security awareness and encourage vigilance, and (by displaying the familiar Neighbourhood Watch signs at the sides of roads entering the villages and in windows) deter criminals.  Each Scheme is run by a Scheme Coordinator.


            The Schemes are not set up to do police work, to conduct patrols or to carry out vigilante operations.

            Most insurance companies give discounts to members of Neighbourhood Watch Schemes.




            Approval for the formation of the Sutton Scotney Neighbourhood Watch Scheme was given in March 1997 after about two-thirds of households in the village voted in favour of such a scheme.  Each founder-household contributed £1 to provide a fund for Neighbourhood Watch road signs and other setting-up costs. Membership is now free.

            The Scheme is essentially a communication network enabling security information to be speedily disseminated by telephone through Coordinators to members.  The information may come from the police in the form of warnings about criminal activity in the area, or from members reporting suspicious activity.  The arrangement also allows a member who does not wish to report an incident to the police directly – by dialling 999 or 0800 555 111 (CRIMESTOPPERS) or 0845 045 45 45 (the local police) – to report to a Coordinator within the Sc heme.  To speed communication the village is split into five areas, each covered by an Area Coordinator, as follows:


            Area 1 - Wessex Park , Bullington Lane, Egypt , Alexandria Road

                          Area Coordinator: volunteer required [temporarily Rod Mundy (tel. 760713)]

            Area 2 - Gratton Close, Carthagena

.                         Area Coordinator: Belinda Ward (tel. 761111)

            Area 3 - Oxford Road , Saddlers Close, Brightlands

                          Area Coordinator: volunteer required

            Area 4 - The Square, Stockbridge Rd , Pigeonhouse Field and Yard, the Manor

                          Area Coordinator: David Ward (tel. 761949)

            Area 5 - Wonston Close, South View Close, Beggars Drove, Buddlesgate, Moorcroft Close

                          Area Coordinator: Barbara Ayling (tel. 760575)


The Scheme is open to all who reside in Sutton Scotney.  Those who wish to become members and/or Coordinators should contact the Scheme Coordinator or an Area Coordinator.


                    Rod Mundy

                    Scheme Coordinator

                    tel. 760713




The Wonston Neighbourhood Watch Scheme has been suspended awaiting a Scheme Coordinator.  Volunteers for the far-from-demanding post should contact Rod Mundy (tel. 760713).